2 Column Reservoir

Seahorse 2 Column Reservoir

Need more workspace on your bench or automation deck?
Want to transport one reservoir with two reagents
rather than two separate reservoirs?

Now you can! Consider condensing your assay buffer/reagent footprint with the new Agilent/Labware 2-Column Reservoir (Catalog # 203852-100). Each section can accommodate a maximum volume of 144mL. The dead volume of reagent is reduced with a “V”-shaped pyramid bottom, while allowing 8-channel pipette access without distorting tip alignment. The deep-well, ANSI-SLAS footprint and rigid wall construction ensure safe and effective handling. The two reservoir sections are separated by a thin wall dimension permitting access by automated 96-channel liquid handlers.

  • Reduced evaporative surface area.
  • Orientation maintained by beveled corner and A1 labeling.
  • Natural polypropylene
  • Autoclavable
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