Development of a Single Use Plate for Compound Storage-Distribution and Miniaturized Assays

Paul B. Taylor1*, E. Michael August1, Richard D. Belval1, Linda Boddie1, Alison J. Capolino1, Christopher Corte1, Marie Coscia1, Mohammed A. Kashem1, Jonathan Lipsky2, Eugene Margolin2, Scott Morley2, Sherese Mullings1, Efrend D. Romero1, Michael S. Routburg1, Donna Terenzio1, Stephen Yound2, Michael Zowine1 and Carol Ann Homon1
1Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., Biomolecular Screening Group, Ridgefield, CT
2Agilent Microplates Bioscience, North Billerica, MA
(Plate PDF)
Catalog numbers: 201288-100 and 201429-100

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