Seahorse Bioscience Labware Custom Microplate SolutionsThe majority of the items listed in our standard product catalog originated as custom design requests from our customers! Our extensive experience in design, engineering and fabrication coupled with our large library of existing tools provides an easy and rapid process for delivery of novel configurations.

Agilent microplates has designed its production capability in a modular format, allowing interchange of various components to generate a large matrix of possible product configurations. And, because we are geared to address the custom market, our production runs are relatively short. This approach reduces the time and resources required to produce your new product and it lowers the minimum order commitment quantities. We manufacture a wide variety of custom labware—including custom tubes, tube strips, spin baskets, unique injection molded labware—along with microplates.

Why Seek a Custom Microplate?

While there are plenty of standard microplate options available, there are many more—and varied—uses for them in the field and lab. Each application may require unique specifications, and the right microplate product for a given application could likely be a variation of a product that already exists. There is greater breadth this this discussion, but some custom variables include:

  1. Improved performance—new materials are constantly becoming available in the marketplace but might not be in a format that best suits your requirements.
  2. Scale up and scale down—24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well microplate formats provide a standardized approach to miniaturization and, conversely, to a sample volume scale-up schema.
  3. Assay kit providers focus on a number of microplate-related parameters to differentiate their product from their competitors:
    1. Ease of use
    2. Right sizing
    3. Quality
  4. Novel applications for microplate formats are continuously being developed as new technologies are enabled. While the possible geometries for injection molding within the ANSI/SLAS microplate standards have some limitations, the universe is very large!

Details to Consider when Specifying Custom Microplate Labware

Using a microplate with certain specifications can improve all of the following:

  • Your cost per data point and/or
  • Your data quality and/or
  • Your processing time and/or
  • Your technical difficulty

Communicating Your Microplate Needs to Your Labware Supplier

There are three important details that will help us most efficiently meet your requirements.

  1. Your Protocol

Communicate your exact protocol. Even small details can save considerable development time. It is important to update any documented method with any changes that are currently in use. Annotations include materials and instrumentation, as well as techniques. Non-disclosure agreements can be arranged if proprietary information should be shared.

  1. Goals and Metrics

Spell out precisely what you need. Do you need a 96-well microplate or a 48-well plate? Is a filter plate right for the job? Answering these types of questions will get you that much closer to sourcing the right microplate. Click here to see these details mapped out.

  1. What Are the Business Considerations?
  • Target price
  • Delivery
  • Value added

Our U.S.A. fabrication facility is an RNase/DNase free environment, certified ISO 9001:2015, and includes tooling, injection molding, assembly, testing, and quality control under one roof.

With all the options at your fingertips, you’ll receive a unique, proprietary solution for your custom application needs.

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